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Here’s everything you’ve always wanted to know about GoGo squeeZ®.


What makes GoGo squeeZ® so great? Maria – 37

GoGo squeeZ® is a tasty, balanced snack made from 100% fruit or 100% fruit and vegetables that’s easy to eat anywhere, anytime. It has no preservatives, food colorant or artificial flavours and it’s gluten free! Just squeeZ the pouch to taste real fruit. GoGo squeeZ is the new, easy way for your children to enjoy eating fruit whenever and wherever they want.

I’ve always wondered why every flavour of GoGo squeeZ® includes apple. Élie – 45

Apples are an integral part of Materne’s history. In 1923, the company purchased a factory in Picardie, France—a region famous for its apples.

We know that when apple is cooked and puréed, it has the perfect texture for combining with many other kinds of fruit. That is why we can constantly develop delicious new recipes to add to our product offering. In the words of the wise old saying, it seems that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away!”

Are the GoGo squeeZ® recipes and flavours the same all around the world? Chloé – 24

We design specific products to suit each country’s local tastes and customs, but always with the same dedication to quality and natural ingredients.

In Canada, our recipes are made from 100% fruit, using all the varieties of fruit children like best.

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I’d like to know if GoGo squeeZ® requires special storage. Heather – 39

It’s a natural product with no preservatives—the secret to its long shelf life is a manufacturing process based on pasteurization.

GoGo squeeZ® doesn’t need to be refrigerated. You can put it straight into your child’s lunchbox, school bag or knapsack. It’s also perfect for a picnic on the beach or a hike in the mountains. It tastes best at room temperature.

Why do children like GoGo squeeZ so much? Jason – 29

Not only do they adore the sweet taste and smooth texture of real fruit, they enjoy the creative packaging. GoGo squeeZ makes eating fruit fun for everyone!

What’s the best temperature for eating GoGo squeeZ? Steven – 35

You should eat GoGo squeeZ® at room temperature, which is between 20°C and 25°C. This makes it the ideal snack to take anywhere. While altitude and temperature won’t affect it, it may lose a bit of its natural fresh flavour at temperatures above 37°C. Not a problem, though—just pop it in the fridge and GoGo squeeZ® is as delicious as ever!

Is GoGo squeeZ® kosher? Jasmine – 48

Absolutely! Every GoGo squeeZ® pouch is certified kosher by Orthodox Union (OU).

What’s the shelf life of GoGo squeeZ®? Ralph – 26

That’s easy: all GoGo squeeZ® products have a shelf life of 12 months from the date of manufacture. Just to be sure, the expiry date is printed on every pouch. You’ve got lots of time to enjoy it!

I have seen in store GoGo squeeZ® Fruits & Veggiez, are the products more balanced for my child? Manon – 34

The GoGo squeeZ® Fruit & Veggiez recipes contain a pure blend made from 100% fruit and veggies which give them this sweet, subtle and smooth flavour. GoGo squeeZ® Fruit & Veggiez help children to eat vegetables and sharpens their palate by introducing them to new flavors. They are as good as the ones made from 100% fruit recipes for your child, don’t wait let ​​him taste.


Is GoGo squeeZ® available everywhere in the world? Mélissa – 28

Our products are available under the GoGo squeeZ® name in more than 20 countries, including the United States, Canada, Spain, China and the Gulf States. In France, where the product originated, it’s called Pom’Potes, from the French words pomme for apple and compote for sauce, in honour of our popular recipe.

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Could you tell me more about the GoGo squeeZ® pouch? Stéphane – 21

The snack pouch format was developed in 1998 for Pom’Potes—GoGo squeeZ’s big sister in France—and it revolutionized how people eat fruit.

The pouch eliminated peeling and spoon-feeding and even solved the problem of fruit stains. Now you can simply squeeZ the pouch to enjoy fresh fruit. The Heli’Cap allows children to reseal the pouch if they want to save some for later. The smooth rounded shape of the packaging also makes GoGo squeeZ safe for children.

In addition to preserving the natural qualities of the fruit, the GoGo squeeZ pouch is a truly innovative packaging solution. Colourful, easy to handle and fun, the pouch is an instant hit with children. After they have been used, pouches are given a second life through our partnership with TerraCycle.

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What are the pouches made of? Are they hazardous to health or the environment? Kim – 38

The GoGo squeeZ pouch is manufactured from polyethylene. This material, which is often used to produce stoppers for plastic bottles, is perfectly safe for consumers.

As for the environment, GoGo squeeZ has partnered with TerraCycle to give second life to our packaging in 21 countries.

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Is the GoGo squeeZ® pouch safe for children of any age? Marc – 38

At the beach, at home or in the country, GoGo squeeZ® offers a healthy, balanced snack wherever you may be. The pouch is perfectly safe for children aged 3 or older. To prevent any risk of accident, we recommend that, with children under the age of 3, parents remove the stopper and place it out of reach.


Is GoGo squeeZ® healthy for children? Caroline – 35

Made from 100% real fruit or 100% fruit & veggies and containing just 60 to 70 calories according flavours, GoGo squeeZ is the ideal choice for healthy, balanced breakfasts, snacks and desserts.

GoGo squeeZ® contains no preservatives, food colorant and artificial flavours. Moreover, the sweetness, smooth texture and delicious taste of real fruit make for the perfect snack when hunger strikes little ones . . . or big folk!

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Can you tell me what GoGo squeeZ® really contains? Vanessa – 46

Fruit, all fruit and nothing but fruit! GoGo squeeZ® contains no additives such as preservatives, food colorant and artificial flavours. The product is not enriched with vitamins or minerals. As with all fruit, the actual nutritional value depends on where and how it was grown.

In addition to being gluten-free, GoGo squeeZ® contains none of the eight most common known allergens: milk, eggs, wheat, soy, nuts, peanuts, fish and shellfish.

It is also worth noting that GoGo squeeZ® is certified kosher.

Is GoGo squeeZ® enriched with vitamins? Joy – 33

We believe that food should be simple and natural without any added ingredients, and all our products reflect this philosophy. The vitamin and mineral content of fruit depends on where and how it was grown. The same is true of GoGo squeeZ®: the vitamin content can vary from one pouch to another because they all contain natural fruit.

Does your product contain any of the eight leading allergens? Sabrina – 32

We take great care in all aspects of how our products are manufactured, including the type of factories in which they are made. GoGo squeeZ® contains no trace of the eight most common allergens. We guarantee that our products are completely free of milk, eggs, wheat, soy, nuts, peanuts, fish and shellfish. You can enjoy GoGo squeeZ with complete peace of mind!