Quality control

GoGo squeeZ® factories stand tall

One thing is certain: It takes good fruit to make good purée. The apples that go into GoGo squeeZ® are carefully nurtured in the best orchards before being processed into fruit snacks for children. All you have to do is to squeeZ! Apples are healthy, easy to cook and process, and combine well with other fruit.

See for yourself how GoGo squeeZ® is produced step by step.
In just one hour, fresh apples are processed and the pure blended fruit is mixed and ready to fill. Then the pouch and ready to squeeZ!


Wakes up with dew and sun on its skin


Picked by a friendly hand


Rides through the countryside to the factory


Gets bathed, peeled, and mashed


Let the cooking begin!


Warm, fresh, and taste-tested, the apple heads down the pipe into its new home


Finishing touches cap it off.


Voilà! A GoGo squeeZ® pouch full of GoGo goodness

From trees to squeeZ, every step in making our pouches is closely monitored!

Over time, equipment has evolved and technology modernized, but the effort required to achieve the highest quality standards has never changed. Every step in the production process is closely monitored. From the outset, Materne’s products have always been guaranteed free of preservatives, food colouring and artificial flavours.

Every step is monitored

Cooked to perfection!

How does GoGo squeeZ capture the unmistakable taste of real fruit? It’s simple! The fruit is cooked in a way that maintains the texture of freshly crushed fruit.

A cauldron full of fruit
Smooth texture
100% delicious fruit
100% healthy
Subtle fruity flavours

Materne takes good care of its customers—large and small

In order to guarantee that its products are safe for consumers, Materne’s production systems are subject to strict control measures in compliance with HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) programs. Our factory is IFS (International Food Standard) certified and meets BRC (British Retail Consortium) norms used to evaluate and prevent any risk of product contamination.

HACCP, IFS and BRC certifications