Brand Story


We’re on a mission to make the world happier by giving kids the fuel they need to give every adventure their all.

We are continuously working to enhance our commitment to making fruit sauce snacks from quality ingredients, using strict manufacturing methods and an ecological approach.


Quality ingredients come from quality farms and orchards. We source all our fruits from responsible farms that use only the best growing and harvesting practices.

From harvesting in our own orchards to the careful preparation of fruit purées, Materne controls the entire production process to ensure that GoGo squeeZ® blended fruits are the tastiest they can be. As delicious as they are, they contain no added sugar, no artificial colours or flavours. All our produce is carefully selected and controlled for an exceptional fruit experience.

For All Ages

Our fruit pouches can be taken anywhere. Children love them because they’re fun to squeeze and so delicious! With lots of flavours to choose from, enjoy trying all our fruit combinations.

GoGo squeeZ® is just what moms and dads need to get children eating fruit. A snack to delight children that’s made from 100% fruit and is gluten-free with no artificial colours or flavours. GoGo squeeZ® fruit pouches contain none of the most common allergens (including nuts, soy, milk, eggs, wheat and peanuts).

All Yum
No Yuck.

GoGo squeeZ® pouches have tasty flavours kids love and nutritious ingredients they need to enjoy every adventure to the fullest.