Crafts to Get You GoGoing

With the cold winter weather nearly behind us, we can finally start to get excited about getting back outside for outdoor play, but that doesn’t mean we have to leave the crafting days behind us. Crafting tends to take place indoors, but that doesn’t mean the fun of crafting has to stop there! Learn how to make some of our favourite crafts that get you GoGoing so the fun continues far beyond the cutting and gluing.


GoGo Kite: What’s more fun than making something you can take out and play with once you’re done? Not much! Check out these simple instructions to learn how to build a kite:

You will need:

  • A template, printed. Pick from option 1 or option 2.
  • String
  • A hole punch (or something you can use to make a hole)
  • Stapler


  1. Fold the printed template in 1/2, bringing the two shorter ends of the paper together.
  2. Bend the front corner of both the top and bottom side to touch your fold, then staple. (note: bend, do not fold)
  3. Make a hole near the front of the fold.
  4. Tie a string (long enough to allow the kite to fly) through the knot, and create a strong knot.
  5. Go fly your kite!

Masks: Masks are great because not only do they occupy the time spent decorating them, but they also inspire creativity in telling their story. Print and have your kids decorate these masks. Then, challenge them to write a play based on the characters that they created with the masks.