The GoGo squeeZ® Philosophy

130 years of fruit expertise

With over 130 years of solid experience in preparing fruit products, Materne is the fruit expert! And now we are proud to be bringing GoGo squeeZ fruit pouches to all of Canada.

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We are continuously working to enhance our commitment to making fruit snacks from quality ingredients using strict manufacturing methods and an ecological approach (organic treatment plant, optimized waste management and more).

Quality, quality, quality!

From harvesting in our own orchards to the careful preparation of fruit purées, Materne controls the entire production process to ensure that GoGo squeeZ pure blended fruit are the tastiest and healthiest they can be. As delicious as they are healthy, they contain no preservatives, food colorant and artificial flavours. All our produce is carefully selected and controlled for an exceptional fruit experience.

Un verger de pommiers

GoGo squeeZ®: Made from 100% fruit, 100% goodness on the go!

The values of a positive lifestyle make GoGo squeeZ the ideal product for offering children real fruit and a fun time.

GoGo squeeZ

Imaginative: Put your hands behind your back, hang upside down with your feet in the air—enjoy GoGo squeeZ any way you like!

Simple: Children can eat it by themselves! Just open, squeeZ and reseal with a twist of the Heli’Cap.

Good: Yummy! … the smooth texture and delicious taste of real fruit make GoGo squeeZ everyone’s favourite!

Fun: Children can’t get enough of this colourful, fun snack!

Healthy: Every GoGo squeeZ pouch contains pure fruit and just 60 to 70 calories according flavours!

Just right for little ones…

Our small fruit pouches can be taken anywhere. Children love them because they’re fun to squeeZ and the explosion of fruit flavour is so delicious! With lots of flavours to choose from, everyone will enjoy trying the new fruity combinations.

… and big folk!

GoGo squeeZ is just what mums and dads need to get their children eating fruit. A truly healthy snack to delight children and provide all the goodness of fruit: made from 100% natural fruit with no preservatives, gluten-free and no food colorant and artificial flavours. GoGo squeeZ contains none of the most common allergens (including nuts, soy, milk, eggs, wheat and peanuts).

Une gourde GoGo squeeZ

Everyone’s in a hurry … to squeeZ real fruit!

With only 60 to 70 calories according flavours in a pouch, GoGo squeeZ is a tasty, balanced snack for any child’s lunchbox, school bag or knapsack. Children find the Heli’Cap easy to remove so they can enjoy fresh fruit anywhere, anytime! Adults also enjoy GoGo squeeZ as a delicious snack at the office or after a workout.