The GoGo squeeZ® Story

A long history of fruit

As the inventor of fruit snacks, Materne has been a leading fruit specialist for more than 130 years. The first fruit snack pouch was developed in France in 1998 and marketed under the name Pom’Potes. The company’s small pouches revolutionized the prepared fruit market with a product that’s 100% pure pleasure and all fruit!

GoGo squeeZ® comes to Québec and the rest of Canada

Check out some important dates in GoGo squeeZ history.

January 1881

The Materne story begins. Édouard and Julie Materne open their first jam factory in Namur, Belgium.

Jam jars
January 1923

The Materne family moves to France and purchases a new plant in Boué, in the heart of the Picardie region.

A car arriving in the city of Boué
January 1998

Materne launches Pom’Potes, the first fruit snack in a pouch.

A Pom'Potes pouch and a French flag
April 2008

GoGo squeeZ®, twin sister of Pom’Potes, is launched in the United States.

A GoGo squeeZ pouch and an American flag
November 2008

1 billion pouches sold in just 10 years.

1 billion pouches
April 2009

GoGo squeeZ® arrives in Québec and the rest of Canada with a choice of 3 flavours, all made from 100% pure fruit: Apple, Apple Strawberry and Apple Banana.

GoGo squeeZ pouches and a Canadian flag
April 2010

GoGo squeeZ adds a fourth flavour: Apple Peach.

An apple-peach GoGo squeeZ pouch
August 2010

The first family packs (12-pouch format) appear on the Canadian market.

A 12-pouch family pack
January 2011

Opening of the 1st US factory in Traverse City (MI).

US factory
September 2011

Two more flavours to delight fruit lovers: Apple Berries and Apple Mango.

An apple-berries GoGo squeeZ pouch and an apple-mango GoGo squeeZ pouch
January 2013

2.5 billion pouches sold throughout the world in 15 years.

2.5 billion pouches
April 2013

GoGo squeeZ launches a partnership with TerraCycle.

GoGo squeeZ logo and Terracycle logo
November 2014

Opening of the 2nd US factory in Nampa (ID).

US factory
June 2015

Discover the GoGo fruit on our GoGo squeeZ® pack.

July 2015

Launch of GoGo squeeZ® Fruit & Veggiez. Discover our 2 snacks flavours: Apple Sweet Potato Grape & Pear Apple Carrot (exclusively in COSTCO in 16-pack)

An Apple Sweet Potato Grape GoGo squeeZ pouch and a pear Apple Carrot GoGo squeeZ pouch