Beaded Wind Chime

Looking for a fun summer craft to keep the kids busy? Make this adorable, easy beaded wind chime for your garden using only the simple materials below. Your kids will be thrilled to proudly display their art in the garden, and it makes a colourful addition to your backyard.


  • Twine
  • Beads
  • Scissors
  • 8-10 GoGo squeeZ® pouch caps
  • Wood Stick
  • Drill (optional)


Drill small holes in the tops of your GoGo squeeZ® caps, total of 8 in different colours (blue, green, and black). If you don’t have a drill, carefully use scissors to poke holes through the center of the caps.
Lay out the length of the twine and placement of the caps to create your design. (TIP: Wrap tape around the ends of your twine to string the beads easier like a shoelace)
Start stringing beads onto the twine, and carefully add the caps in per your design. Leave space on the top and bottom of the twine.
String 5 strands with the middle strand being the longest and each one to the side slightly shorter to create a “V”.
Wrap the top of each string around the piece of wood in order and tie them in a knot.
Create a tassel for the ends of the string by looping the string 10 times around your hand, tying the end of the beaded twine around the middle of the looped string. Then, fold the tassel string in half around the knot and with another piece of string, wrap around the top to create your tassel. Finish with a knot.
Wrap different coloured strings on the end of the wooden stick to add some fun and colour!
Choose which string you want to be the hanging string and wrap several times around the wood stick leaving about 12 inches at the top. Repeat on the other side. Tie both ends together at the top to create a loop.