Partnership with TerraCycle


Well designed packaging

GoGo squeeZ is the revolutionary way to eat fruit without the annoyance of peel, pits or seeds! No more crushed fruit at the bottom of your backpack, hard-to-remove stains or snacks that you have to sit down to eat. GoGo squeeZ is the practical fruit snack: it goes anywhere and is simple to eat.

Just squeeZ and enjoy delicious fruit. The GoGo squeeZ pouch is an entirely healthy and safe product.

Nothing is wasted — GoGo squeeZ is 100% recyclable!

GoGo squeeZ has chosen to partner with TerraCycle, an upcycling pioneer operating in 21 countries. The principle is straightforward: TerraCycle organizes a nationwide network to collect products traditionally considered non-recyclable. Now GoGo squeeZ packaging has been given a second life helping community associations and schools.

Changing the world with GoGo squeeZ

By recycling packaging, you set an example for your children about how to change the world. Getting involved is fun and easy (hey! just like GoGo squeeZ!). All you have to do is join a TerraCycle Brigade for free.

Do your part for the planet!

Here’s how:

Place your used GoGo squeeZ pouches in a box (preferably one that you are reusing).


Download a prepaid shipping label.


Send the box and collect points!


Points can be converted into gifts in support of a community association partner or used to make a donation to an association of your choice.