Fruit on the Go!

Fruit is a delicious addition to meals and snacks. Our tips for eating more(1, 2):    

At breakfast  

  • Add fruit to yogurt with whole grain cereal and fruit sauce. (See more about Fruit Sauce below) 
  • Slice a banana and put it in a bowl of oatmeal.  

For lunch 

  • Incorporate frozen fruit into your muffin or cookie recipes.    
  • Prepare fresh fruit salads or offer a fruit pouch for dessert.  

For snacks  

  • Think of fruits that keep well in the lunch box: fruit pouch, homemade apple crumble.  
  • Offer original preparations to pique the child’s curiosity: julienned or grated fruit, apple and seedless grape brochettes, healthy fruit & nut muffins.  

Fruit sauce  

A fun way to squeeze or sip fruit 

Fruit sauce is an excellent way to add a portion of fruit to the diet, especially at lunch or during a snack.  When in a pouch, your children can vary his or her fruit intake without monotony. All they have to do is squeeze!  

A simple recipe adapted to the needs of children 

The manufacturing process guarantees the preservation of the nutritional qualities of the fruit in large part: water content, fibre (like a peeled fruit) and minerals. The sugars contained are provided by the fruit only.  

Food rooted in the culture  

Did you know? Applesauce is one of the oldest foods served to Canadians! The first apple trees were brought by the French settlers to New France in the early 17th century. Applesauce is now a staple on every table, especially during “apple harvest time” when large orchards open their doors for picking.(3) 

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