Give Vegetables and Fruit a Place of Honour!

Eating vegetables and fruit every day, preferably fresh, is the basis of a healthy diet. They contain nutrients of primary importance for a child’s development(1, 2):  

  • Water 
  • Fibre  
  • Antioxidant vitamins and minerals 
  • Low in fat  
  • No added sugar or salt  

Benefits of vegetables and fruits:  

  • Hydration of the body because they are rich in water 
  • Feeling of long-lasting fullness, which encourages you to eat less 
  • Prevention of chronic diseases  
  • Contains vitamins and minerals your body doesn’t produce on its own 
  • Helps improve energy levels 

Check out Canad’s Food Guide For more information

(1) Heart & Stroke Foundation. Position statement about vegetable & fruit consumption and heart disease and stroke. August 2013.

(2) Food network.