5 Halloween Activities Every Kid Can Enjoy

With Halloween right around the corner, we know you’re already anticipating the inevitable sugar rush, but there are plenty of equally fun ways to indulge in Halloween that won’t leave you in a sweets coma. We’re sharing some ideas for a happy, healthier Halloween that any kid would be thrilled about.


Halloween pouch covers:

No Halloween would be complete without our Halloween pouch covers. Just print, cut, and tape these wraps to any GoGo squeeZ® fruit sauce pouch for an adorable Halloween treat all trick-or-treaters will love. Download our template here.


Apple Bobbing:

Call us traditionalists, but apple bobbing will never get old in our books. Fun fact: We have an apple bobbing competition at GoGo HQ every Halloween – the simple activity is bound to bring fun for all, and all you need are some large buckets, water, and some apples.


Apple Bobbing 2.0:

Too cold for a face-full of cold water while you’re apple bobbing? Apple bobbing 2.0 has you covered. Instead of diving into a tub of water to try to grab your apples, simply tie the apples with a string to a tree or tape them firmly to a ceiling. They should be low enough to reach indoors and allow them to dangle at a height that kids can reach with their mouth. Tie them tight enough so they stay up, but loose enough so kids can bite them off the strings. Don’t be fooled – it’s harder than it looks to get a firm bite on those apples!


Apple and Pumpkin Carving and Decorating:

Another Halloween classic we love – pumpkin carving! We love this activity because it gives kids a chance to express their creativity, and the “scraps” make a delicious addition to that night’s dinner. We love mashing the pumpkin carvings with a little cinnamon for a yummy snack or side dish. If your children are too young to use sharp objects, they can simply decorate their pumpkins with paint and markers. Download our GoGo pumpkin carving templates here.


Healthy Haunted Snacking:

And in the spirit of bringing healthy snacking to Halloween, we love these simple clementine and celery pumpkins. Just slice the celery into small matchsticks, peel your clementines, and place the celery in the top for a simple but delicious Halloween treat.


What’s your favourite healthy Halloween activity?