Spring Cap Butterfly

Spring is in the air, so we’re crafting accordingly! Make these adorable butterflies using our simple instructions below.

For each butterfly you will need:

  • 2 GoGo squeeZ caps
  • 1 large button with four holes
  • 1 pipe cleaner
  • Assorted pony beads
  • Hot glue gun (parents only!)


  1. Cut a portion of the pipe cleaner (about 3.5 inches) and thread it through the holes of the button to create a face and antennae (shape them however you want!)

  1. String your favourite pony beads on the remaining portion of the pipe cleaner to create the body: fold and twist the pipe cleaner at both ends to secure the beads.

3. Take one GoGo squeeZ cap and hot glue the pipe cleaner body to the inside. Then, hot glue the button face onto the second cap.

4. Attach the tops of the caps together with a small bead of hot glue to connect your wings! Now you have a beautiful and unique GoGo butterfly!