Lunchbox Tips and Tricks 

Involving children in meal and lunch box preparation is a great way to develop their independence and help them learn food skills. It also helps them develop a greater appreciation for foods like vegetables and fruit.(1, 2) 

  • Choose food options that are easy to eat with your fingers, such as apples, clementines, fruit sauce or a handful of blueberries. 
  • Prepare food ahead of time: cut up fruits and vegetables, cook pasta, rice, or quinoa.  
  • Use leftovers from the day before to save time and avoid waste.  
  • Vary the presentation: raw vegetables & dip, sautéed vegetables, soup and vegetable juice in a thermos, fruit salad, fruit sauce in a pouch. 

(1)  Canada’s Food Guide. 

(2) Canada’s pediatricians. Caring for kids. Healthy snacks for children.